Welcome to Krout School!


For access to the 3rd Grade State Test Practice Site, please click on the link above and follow the steps below:
  -  Click on "Student Practice Site"
  -  Click on "Sign In"
  -  Find "Student Grade Level" and change to 3rd Grade, then click "Yes"
  -  Select one of the following tests:
  -  English Language Arts:
  -  Select "Start G3 English Language Arts Spr 17 Released Items"
  - Mathematics:
  -  Select "Start G3 Mathematics Spr 17 Released Items"
  -  Click "Select" on the " Choose Settings" page
  -  Click "Yes" on the "Is this your test" page
  -  Click "Begin Test Now" on the "Instructions and Help" page


Weather Delays and Cancellations

 Are you interested in receiving notifications of weather delays or cancellations on your cell or home phone? Then register for the Honeywell Alert System on line by going to https://instantalert.honeywell.com/ to receive a message before it appears on the news.

Don't want to use your phone?

Here are a few more places to find out about Tiffin City School delays or cancellations.

Toledo Television Stations, WTOL, WNWO and WTVG.

Radio Stations WTTF 1600 AM and WCKY 103.7 FM


Are you missing a Coat or Jacket?

Krout Elementary has a table of lost or forgotten clothing items. This usually happens when the weather changes and we need our coats in the morning and forget them during the day. Items have been found in hallways, on the playground and on the bus. If you are missing an article of clothing look in the school lobby, we just may have it there. 


Parents Get Your Students' Lunch Balances Online!

Worried that you won't get your child's lunch receipts?  Sign up with eFunds and get notified via email when your child's balance gets low!
Simply, click here to register with eFunds and set up your account.  
Call 419-448-5680 if you need technical assistance.

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